Simple, Easy, Free, No Integration Required

MobileAngel is smart phone application that is free to download and use. It can be setup by a clinic in 2-5 minutes and ready to use with patients immediately. It does not require any integration with the clinic EHR system.

The patient is prompted daily and spends 1-2 minutes answering their care-specific questions that are analyzed and presented to clinic staff based on who needs attention and why.

The clinic staff gets alerts for serious conditions that require attention and MobileAngel enables instant communication with the patient.

How Does MobileAngel Help?

Cancer patients benefit in many ways from early, continuous and proactive monitoring of toxicities and medical compliance (See Clinical Validation below).

MobileAngel provides a continuous and prioritized list of your patients reported status. Each patient answers several questions daily and these reports capture their physical and emotional status.

This summary information is prioritized in the main mobile app view.  The clinical staff can instantly see, on their mobile device, which patients need attention and why.  A single button connects the staff with the patient via text, phone or email.

All MobileAngel data can be easily output and incorporated into the patient record.

MobileAngel enables instant, proactive and prioritized communication with patients.

Unlike “patient portals” that enable an email type link where communications are queued and not prioritized, MobileAngel instantly flags important toxicity and medication compliance concerns and presents them in an obvious and actionable mobile list.

All key information is presented in a single screen, on your mobile device, with one touch text, email or phone links back to your patients.

This type of patient engagement has been clinically proven, and peer reviewed, to have significant positive effects on outcomes, costs, ER visits, in-hospital admissions, patient stress and care compliance.

Many peer-reviewed clinical trials have been conducted on various aspects of cancer patient engagement.

Below are just a few of these studies including a clinic network-wide study conducted under a CMS grant by Dr. Barbara McAneny (current AMA President).

MobileAngel Statistics


Ready to See it in Action?

MobileAngel is currently in testing and validation.

Request a live demonstration now or send us a message to ask questions!